Grey Baby Turns Into Boogie

Months ago I wrote a post about a young buck I named Grey Baby. Grey was one of Little Girl’s babies who would come in while she ate from my finger. You can read about his babyhood here. Now that I’ve put two and two together I now realize that Grey Baby is actually Boogie, only grown up.

Boogie must be about 6-7 months old now, as a guess. He’s full grown. He’s got a beautiful white whiskered chin. When he looks up at me I see it all white and fuzzy. When he takes a rolled oat in his mouth he’ll scamper away a foot and hunch over eating it. I tell him he looks like an old chinaman, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, especially his half-closed black eyes. He begs for oats but I gave him a piece of cheese last night. When I woke up it was gone as well as the few oats I sprinkled on the floor for him.

The people who read my other blog Mancheeze have seen Boogie’s picture but here it is for you all here:

Boogie aka Grey Baby

Boogie aka Grey Baby

I met a new mouse last night but I won’t write about him until later. I want to see if he comes back first. It might just be a passing visit but it sure was a visit I’ll never forget. If people think mice are stupid they’ve got another thing coming. Mice are mathematicians in their own right. They carefully map out spaces and trails.

Boogie has his own trails in my apartment. You can predict where he’s going to go. He has a trick we call ‘Sneakin’. If he’s begging for food under the table and gets a fright he runs to the corner along the wall and will pop his little head out from some boxes. I see him run off into the corner and I start asking him ‘Are you sneakin?’ He answers by popping his little head out from a box and then runs back behind the boxes. It’s a game.

Of all the things Boogie does I have one favourite. He jumps when he gets a fright in mid run. That’s usually called popcorning but in this case it’s pure fright. He’s like a little furry speedracer running at light speed when suddenly ‘boing!’ he jumps straight up, lands, and then has trouble getting purchase. I laugh at him when he does this. He doesn’t like when I laugh and sometimes won’t come back but it’s all in fun. He eventually peeks his little head out from under the table and saunters back for more oats.


Little Girl’s Passing

Little Girl, my first ever wild mouse that I cared for, passed away a few months ago. I am not sure but I think I found her body in my closet where she liked to go. I miss her very much. She was hilarious and had a personality all her own.

Mice are cautious but Little Girl got used to me very quickly. I met her while she was still in her popcorny stage. She loved to climb on everything. I trained her within a couple weeks to take food out of my hand and eventually she learned to come to me when I called her. Move over Pavlov! I bring you, Pavlov’s Mouse!

Remembering a mouse means you need to take care of the new ones that will come in her place. I did get one of her male babies hanging around in here while she was still alive but he never came to me then. After Little Girl passed he started wandering and sneaking into my dresser drawers next to my bed. I would open the top drawer really quickly and see his excited little body run to the back of the drawer. He’d sneak through the crack and drop down into the open space underneath and then skittle out, running so fast his little nails wouldn’t catch and he’d run in place.

I named him Boogie and he grew very fast, especially since I started feeding him but he hated peanut butter. Well, it wasn’t his favourite. I fed him Smartfood popcorn, which he loved and his favourite now is rolled oats. He has his own little dish that I fill when he comes to beg.

I’ve gotten up close and personal with Boogie as he lets me lie next to him while he eats. He’s not as friendly as Peanut was but he doesn’t run like Little Girl did at the slightest movement. I drink my tea next to him while his quick little jaws are chewing oats. He likes to eat when it’s dark in my room but will eat in the light if he’s hungry enough. He tolerates me.

If I make even the slightest noise with my fingers, such as rubbing two fingers together, he splits. He hates that sound. He does like to watch MASH reruns with me. Sometimes he turns away from me and toward the computer monitor while the show is on. I can tell he’s watching it because if there’s a sudden sound or movement his ears snap forward and his muscular little frame jumps.

I don’t know how well mice see or if they see in colour. I’d image they see in colour. Their best sense is hearing and smell. I always wonder where Boogie is looking because his eyes are jet black with irises that don’t move. When I watched the movie Stuart Little the animators placed his pupils at the top and they didn’t move much.

Boogie doesn’t spend much time in my room but he does come up on my bed when I’m sleeping. Now I’ve never caught him on the bed like I did his mother but he left me a surprise, a little tiny black poop.

Boogie’s been the best replacement mouse. After a mouse dies it’s important to get another one, at least for me. I’ll write more about Boogie in an upcoming post as well as his picture.

The Elusive Gray Baby

For the last couple weeks or so I’ve heard every ounce of scampering, chewing, gnawing, plastic bag scrunching, and every bit of noise a mouse can make without seeing it. Well, to be fair I do see the mouse. It’s gray baby on a mission.

Gray baby loves to hang out in my nightstand. It’s got a small open bookshelf on the bottom with one drawer at the top. Baby climbs into the bottom and hops up into the drawer. I open the drawer on her and it’s sort of a game now. She sits for a millisecond looking at me from the drawer and then hops down behind it and runs out the bottom of the nightstand. The joy is seeing her little bum waggling to get away while she slides on the lino floor.

She likes to watch me at the computer from safe locations. She’ll hide under the desk and if I move I hear her run away. She’s trying to be friends with me.

I gave her and Little Girl a new toy: a paper towel roll. I know they like to tunnel. I put a treat in there every night for one of them to find it. Last night I put a piece of Smartfood popcorn in there. The baby found it. I got to see her try to get back inside the wall holding the large piece of popcorn in her mouth. She ended up having to eat most of it on the floor before carrying it to her lair.

Little Girl and I have developed a new game. I put a piece of food down for her after I call her to me. I tell her ‘go get it!’ She puts her nose to the ground like a little vacuum cleaner and eventually finds it. I gave her a piece of omelette last night and she got so excited to have it in her mouth that she flipped it up in the air and lost it. It was so cute watching her trying to frantically find it.

I haven’t seen Peanut for a long time. I miss him terribly. It seems my place is just for Little Girl and one of her babies now. I do try to call him but he doesn’t come. He might be gone forever. My lovely Peanut.

Growing Up

One of Little Girl’s babies is growing up, yet she still popcorns. She’s a beautiful baby mouse. She’s got a bright gray coat and her eyes are very large. When she skitters about she holds her tail straight up in the air, like her Mum.

Tonight, while feeding her mum, she came up really close to me and popcorned from smelling the excitement of the pb. She snuck around beside me and put her little front paws on top of something I left on the floor. She sniffed at me and her little black eyes widened.

She holds her little back feet up in the air when she walks, like she’s walking on something she doesn’t like. I’ve seen Little Girl do this before too.

When I was done feeding her Mum she came to me again but Little Girl eventually chased her away.

She’s really attractive in her bright gray coat. It’s stunning actually. I’ve NEVER seen a house mouse that light colour. She’s not easily hidden because of it. I know who her father is. I’ve seen him. He’s gray as well but not as light as her.

I hope to feed the little baby soon.

Peanut Learns to Come When I Call Him

Last night I stood near the crack under the sink and called for Peanut. He came! It took him no time at all but in my incapacity to tell them apart I mistook him for Little Girl. It was only when I went down to feed the mouse that I realized it was Peanut. I love how he sits in my hand.

Wild mice look bigger than they feel. It’s said a full grown wild mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pencil. I doubted that until I got to stroke Peanut and feel just how thin he was. The babies seem to have more meat on their bones than the mature ones. It must be their fur. What’s special about being able to touch them is the life you can feel in them. Since they’re so thin you can feel all their bones and their heartbeat and all their little muscles pulling and moving. They are all muscle. The way they dart around I’m surprised they have any meat on them at all.

When I’ve been able to feel Little Girls hands on my fingertips I sometimes feel her strength when she pushes off to run away. They are extremely strong, especially in their back legs. They can hop so high.

I always miss Peanut. He doesn’t come every day. I should call him every night. I love to hold him in my hand.

Little Girl and Her Babies

Little Girl is a sexy mouse. She has a big grey buck for a mate and she’s happily making little mouse pups. I saw one of her little ones trying to slide under her and then suddenly flip upside down to get at her teats. Mom and Dad mice are very good to their pups. The need to go under their mom is instinctive. It’s called hovering. Little baby pups nestle under their moms like little chicks. They don’t always want milk. They just want to feel warm and close.

This little one followed Little Girl around everywhere. The baby had a taste of peanut butter from me too.  Now I have to start calling Little Girl a mum. So mum has a special way of telling her babies where to go and where not to go. I watched her do it last night. If her baby got too close to me she would run and slightly bump into the baby’s nose, sort of breaking the little one’s concentration and telling it to follow her.  Mum did this several times.

Unfortunately, the 2 little babies I saw were on everything. They climb everywhere.  When I woke up I found a baby crawling on my desk sniffing around. The babies are oblivious to me when I speak to them. They’re used to hearing my voice. It’s only when I move suddenly that they take off. If I thought Little Girl was fast, it’s nothing compared to how quickly they move. They’re also in their popcorning stage where they just jump up like popcorn for no reason.

I do have to let some of them go outside, especially the ones that go in my trash. I don’t have any traps for them or anything in my place that will harm them. However, if they are bent on getting into trash then it’s time for them to be released into the wild. One of the youngsters went into one of the bags. If a mouse goes into a bag and you even just touch the top of it, they will burrow down to the bottom. It’s a good strategy unless the the one trying to get you out is human and knows what your strategy is.

So I take a clear plastic bag and let the little one hop out into it.  Once I have them in there and they calm down I do take a moment to look at them and pet them through the bag. They calm when I hold them from underneath and rub their belly. I caught one last night and put it outside near the building. It will find its way back in I’m sure but not to my place. It’s the only thing I can do to keep it just me, Little Girl, and Peanut.

I don’t know how many babies Little Girl has had but I’ve only ever seen one or two. I only handfeed the ones that are willing to be handfed. I will feed a baby if it comes to me but otherwise my place is fully clean so there’s nothing in here they want. Let me tell you, when a mouse is in your house it will find ANYTHING that’s edible. My mice found some leftover sugar packets from the coffee shoppe and ate them. The one candy I had left on my desk a few months ago was bitten to bits. You must be completely clean. I only put paper in my trash bins that are on the floor. My other garbage is raised off the floor so they can’t get into it.

Being a house mouse Queen is a very careful task!

Little Girl Has a Man

She’s a picky mouse. She hates most males that come along. She’s super territorial and Mum belongs to her. I’ve wondered why I haven’t seen Peanut the last week or so. I found out tonight that Little Girl has a man. He’s very handsome too. He’s all grey. It might be Greybeard that I saw months ago but I’m not sure.

He smelled the pb I was feeding her and came down and poked his head through the tip of my sandal, following Little Girl’s normal path. What a distinguished gray face. He’s twice the size of her and very sleek. When he came out of the sandal toe he stopped about a foot in front of me, took a look in my eyes and darted off.

He wasn’t gone long. The smell of pb is too much to resist. He poked himself around the corner of the box and sat still. I called out to him:

‘You’re such a handsome boy.’

Then Little Girl appeared and put her head down low underneath his. She sat there with her eyes half-closed. I wondered if this was a kiss because at least she didn’t bite him like she does to all other male mice. It must be love.

I hope to feed him soon. He’s really skittish but boy is he ever handsome and we know who will rule that relationship!

Congratulations Little Girl!

Little Girl Meets Zee Germans

This wouldn’t be funny unless I give you some background. I’m Jewish so I tend to watch a lot of movies about WWII. Last night I was watching ‘Band of Brothers’ which was about the 101st Airborne paratroopers who were dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day.

It was about time for Little Girl’s second pb round. She was begging at her spot, sitting there looking like a furry little cuteness. So I got down on the floor to feed her and it just so happened that a battle scene was happening in the movie.

Poor little mouse thought she was being bombed and shot at by Zee Germans. She was running this way and that, avoiding sniper fire and bombs. I took one look at her and just broke out in the deepest laughter. I was down there on the floor holding my sides while this little mouse was dodging what she thought were real bullets.

The feeding didn’t last. I just couldn’t stop laughing. You know it’s a movie but she thinks it’s real. Poor thing looked like she was going to have a stroke.

Next time, no war movies when feeding a mouse.

Peanut’s Dilemma

I feel so bad for Peanut. He is constantly having to avoid the temper tantrums of Little Girl just originalto get a bit of pb from his Mum. He enters my apartment through a tiny crack under the sink cabinets. Little Girl, since becoming a peg leg, now waits for him to try and enter so she can chase him and bite him. I always know when Peanut is here because I hear the scurrying near the crack.

Last night I was holding Peanut in my hand and he sat up on his haunches to look and see if the coast was clear. He’s always monitoring for Little Girl’s whereabouts. It looked good to him so he took off, clear across the kitchen floor, his back end skidding out to make the corner into the crack. He misjudged. Little Girl was right there at that crack waiting for him.

As he sat in the middle of the floor I saw his little eyes go wide with a ‘what do I do now?’ look. So I called him back to my hand and he came running. Once safe in my hand I gave him a bit more pb. Little Girl wasn’t about to miss her chance to bite him so she came running around and under my bike to get behind him to do a sneak attack.

Peanut took off in the opposite direction and managed to get into the crack without a bite. Little Girl was furious. She started rattling her tail and making little threat displays. He totally outsmarted her.

Little Girl will have to wait till next time.


Little Girl=0

Jumping up the Wall

When a fellow mouse-lover told me I had a rare opportunity to view wild house mice it really sunk in that I did.

I saw Little Girl do something I never thought a mouse would ever do. Now she does eat bugs. She will chase little bugs on the floor like a little vacuum cleaner. She runs over the bug and it magically disappears into her little rapidly moving cheeks.

Tonight though, she did something totally shocking. The little hobbly mouse with a bum leg jumped at least 6 inches to get a bug on the wall.  I saw her sitting in one of her favourite spots. I then saw the bug rapidly going up the wall. She leapt up like a big cat and grabbed the bug with her little hands and ate it like it was a treat.