About Me

I live in Western Canada with my wild house mice. I currently have 3 house mice that visit me regularly. Little Girl, Peanut and Squeak-R. I do get other visitors throughout the year. In the past there was Biter and Greybeard and a few others I never named.

Little Girl was my first house mouse. I thought Little Girl was a male mouse at first so I called her Little Man. I also thought she was actually 2 mice in 1! There was a mouse who loved to climb to the top of everything in my house. I named that little mouse Rosie but then figured out it was actually Little Girl the whole time!

Since having Little Girl as my most trusted friend I’ve come to understand wild mice and appreciate them as pets. They are very smart and learn quickly. I plan on having some domesticated mice in the future because my wild mice don’t allow me to hold them and cuddle them.



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