‘You Are The Best Mouse In the World’

This is what I tell Bubba in motherese when he sits in my hand and eats walnut pieces. He’s the first wild mouse to get very close to me. I thought the others got close, until Bubba. He allows me to raise my fingers and pet his hands while he’s holding a walnut and to touch his belly. He raises himself up like a kangaroo while his eyes close in slits. You can tell he’s very relaxed and isn’t afraid of his human mum at all. If I move too quickly, he’s off like a shot.

I do call him my little boy, the sweetest boy ever. I never imagined a wild mouse would allow me to touch him. He comes when I call him for food, as long as he’s truly hungry. Otherwise, he just ignores me. Feeding time is very intimate. I know he’s reading my emotional state and the more relaxed and happy I am, the more we enjoy the time.

He’s spoiled rotten. I went out and spent good money getting him hemp hearts. I tasted them and they tasted kinda sweet and nutty. I thought he’d adore them but he took one seed and spit it out in my hand. He wanted nuts and that was that. He paced around, sniffing my legs, looking at me, asking ‘where are the nuts mum?’ until I got walnuts for him. I’m stuck eating the hemp hearts now. I have to remember that each mouse has different tastes and personalities. The babies ate them.

Bubba has the most beautiful face. His face is long and eyes are big and black. He reminds me of Peanut with his delicate face. He has little white spots behind his thin ears and each little toe has an incredibly little claw.

I like to ask him if he has any girlfriends. Every few days he runs off to try and mate now because he’s much bigger and stronger for me feeding him. His social skills are unparalleled. Most mice I’ve got to know are curious and friendly, except Daddy. Gosh, not Daddy. Daddy would rather I disappear than look at him. No matter how often I talk to Daddy or feed him, he wants nothing to do with me. Daddy won’t go far in mouse land with his attitude. Daddy must be an MRA mouse. LOL

There’s a couple babies hanging around too. Lucy and Lily. Lily got her tail bitten off. She’s the runty one and spends a lot of time in my place exploring. I caught her the other night in a bag she went into. I put my hand in and petted her nose and then let her go. She likes to sleep behind the fridge where it’s warm. I always know it’s her by that stubbly bitten tail she has.

Some mice aren’t socially inclined and they fight. Lily might’ve met one of these troublemakers. Some mice turn into bullies and beat up on their siblings and friends. Poor Lily is only the size of a quarter and she’s already been battered up. Poor little fuzzy thing. I think she’s made my place her home because of the bullying.

This afternoon I heard loud squeaking from behind the fridge. It was Daddy beating up on Lily. Now I’m completely sure Daddy has gone rogue and that’s why he is the way he is. Mice are usually so curious about the big naked human who smells like peanut butter but not Daddy. I think Daddy has some serious social issues. He doesn’t even eat like a normal mouse. He makes a total disaster and now he’s beating up on the babies. Definitely an MRA mouse.

Did you hear that guys? There’s definitely something to bitch about in there somewhere. Not only can you whine about my pets but you can whine that I compared to the most anti-social mouse I’ve ever encountered that beats up on the babies. You’re all a bunch of deadbeat dads so the comparison fits.

Bubba hasn’t been around for a couple days. This is sometimes what they do. I try not to get to worried. I hope I see his little face looking up at me, begging for food soon. I miss him terribly when I don’t feed him once a day. I call him loudly near the mouse hole during these times. So far after 2 days, nothing.


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