New Social Group of Mouselings: Bubba and Daddy

Bubba the Second is my latest wild mouse. He’s a very young, underfed, Omega male. The reason I know this is I’ve seen him next to the alpha male ‘Daddy’, who is huge.’Daddy Mouse’ is making tons of mouselettes with all the females. Because he’s older, wiser, and alpha, he is incredibly skittish around me. He doesn’t like the big, furless human although his curiosity betrays him.

Mice don’t see very well and that’s the case with Bubba. He accidentally nipped me the other night thinking my finger was a walnut. He was very careful and didn’t break the skin. I trust these little guys and it’s why I’ve never been bitten. I can even touch Bubba’s little hands while he’s nibbling. He’s the first mouse that’s ever allowed this kind of touching.

It took a long time for Bubba to learn that my voice was a signal to come to my hand for food. Usually, he’s go by his superior sense of smell. Once he figured this out he was very pleased with himself.

I have a clip-on desk lamp hooked to my bed and Bubba likes to climb up the electrical cord to sit next to me on my nightstand. I caught him last night sitting within my arms. My arm was tickling and it was Bubba’s tail. Any movement I make sends him leaping off the bed and I hear a little thump.

It wasn’t until last night that I knew just how social Bubba was. It was the second night of him understanding that my voice means food. Every time I called him, he would come running to get a walnut piece which he’d search for on the palm of my hand. I can now move my hand towards him without him running for cover.

I decided to let him try Uncle Ben’s Garden Style rice. I heated some up in the microwave for myself and him. I sat down next to my bed on the floor and wafted the scent around to see if he would come. I put a few grains in my palm and called him. To my surprise, he loved the rice. He ate it voraciously, even after eating 5 walnut pieces. His white belly was distended. Little piglet.

The smell attracted Daddy too but since Daddy won’t come near me he doesn’t get any. I have to make this rule or else my place would be full of mice. Daddy was pretty frustrated. He desperately tried to approach me and when I’d speak to him he’d fly under the fridge in a flash. No matter how hungry he gets, his fear is always worse.

Daddy likes to look at me though. I catch him eyeing me sometimes. He’s desperately trying to figure out what the big creature is and why the big creature makes loud noises when it looks at him.

I want Daddy to get over his fear but I doubt he will. There’s a reason Daddy is so big and handsome and why Bubba is so scrawny. The more I feed Bubba, and feed him properly, the bigger he’ll get. I make sure Bubba gets fluids in his food by giving him milk-soaked corn flakes, which he loves. One night I rolled a fresh blueberry into his hands and he dragged it under the fridge. He didn’t eat it because it wasn’t crushed. He thought it was just a toy.

Maybe one day he’ll take Daddy’s place as alpha male? If he keeps pigging out he might!



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