Bubba The Bratty Brave Mouse

My young buck I named Bubba Gump. He’s very young and very awkward. He’s also quite fast. You think he’s running but it looks like he’s travelling in the air. You just don’t know if his little paws have touched the floor. He loves to climb too. He climbs up on my bed and sniffs me when I sleep.

Bubba lives most of the time under the fridge. He now knows to come to me when I call him. Last night he licked peanut butter from my finger for the first time. I was thrilled. He didn’t even do what most mice would do which is sneak around behind me to figure out my new body position. Mice are excellent at viewing you from different perspectives and they do this purposely to judge the situation.

Bubba immediately came to my finger. He likes eating from my finger much more than licking pb from the floor, which is how I start introducing pb to them. He didn’t flinch at all. He put his little front paws up on my hands and licked. Mice are NOT natural biters. None of my many wild mice have EVER bitten me when I’ve had PB on my fingers or hands. NEVER. They are so bright that they figure out your hand is alive and warm and they will not bite you unless you try to grab them, which I’ve never done.

Bubba is at that age in his life where he’s very climby and very bratty. He is on everything. He probably knows my place better than I do. Every night when I lie down to watch some movies before sleep he comes out from under the fridge and proceeds to wander around my apartment. I see him on top of my bicycle handles, climbing on everything, every wire he can. Mice know their territory.

Wild mice are great pets. I don’t cage Bubba. He roams freely and likes to sleep under the fridge. When I call him his little nose sticks out and then he hops to me for food. Bubba is very unique because he has little white fur lines under his eyes. It looks like he’s wearing makeup. I’ve never seen a mouse that has those white lines of fur.

Bubba is very small. He’s the size of my thumb with a 3 inch tail. When Bubba is excited he’ll run across the floor with his tail in the air. I’ve been looking online for the tail behaviour of mice, similar to the tail behaviour of cats. So far I’ve had to make my own observations. One of Bubba’s other tail tricks is tail rattling. When a mouse gets stimulated, either she’s happy or annoyed at an interloper she’ll rattle her tail on the ground. It sounds like a fast vibration. Brrrrrrrrr!

I haven’t seen any tail rattling by Bubba. I don’t know if they learn this or it’s innate. Another mouse behaviour I’ve noticed is how Bubba will run away under something and come right back out again. It’s very quick. It’s almost as if he’s psyching you out.

Bubba is very friendly and I think the fact he climbs on me when I sleep has something to do with how comfortable he is coming up to my hand and prefers eating from my warm hand.


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