3 Month Old Mouseling

After a while of not having a mouseling I’ve got a new baby that’s frequently in my place. I’ve managed to start feeding him peanut butter on the floor while training him to come to it with my voice. He is such a tiny little fella with a short baby tail. His nose is quite long too. I bought him a new jar of chunky peanut butter tonight and as soon as I woke up and he heard me moving around he came out and inspected me. I managed to look at his behind and he is a male, a buck.

After I gave him some pb he came up to my foot and sniffed me. He also showed me that he does indeed climb up onto my bed. I’m sure he’s been up there sniffing and checking me out while I’m sleeping. Imagine that tiny little mouse baby sniffing around you and looking at you while you’re sleeping! Totally cute.

He still is with his mother, if she’s still alive. He probably still drinks a bit of milk from his mum.

He skitters around so confidently when he thinks I’m not looking at him. He hops onto my stuffed animal and off again in the blink of an eye.

I will tell you more as it happens and hopefully I’ll come up with a name for him soon.


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