How To Make Friends With a House Mouse

Say you want to be like me. Say you hear a mouse in your house. You know she’s there because you hear her or maybe you’re lucky enough to see her. You now have the opportunity to get friendly with her and make her part of your tribe. Mice are extremely social animals and once you develop a relationship with a wild house mouse, they will check on you every day, whether you know it or not.

Time and Patience

If you don’t have either of these then you won’t make friends with wild house mice. They are very tiny faery creatures that require lots of both.

So say you have both. The first thing to do is figure out where the little one is going, where do you see her? Once you find out where she goes you must get near her.

Other Pets In the House

If you have other pets besides say a domestic mouse or other small rodent then don’t make friends with house mice. If you do you’re putting the mouse in jeopardy of being attacked and killed. It’s not fair to the mouse so don’t do it.

To Start

The best way for a beginning house mouse queen/king to start is by finding a place where you can see her scampering about. Mice do like to come out at night but they will make appearances in the day time.

Put a comfy seat near where you’ve seen her and get ready to monitor her. It’s also good to have a TV or radio nearby so you don’t go nuts staring at one spot on the floor.

Peanut Butter

I’ve never known a mouse who’s turned down this treat. Get a jar of it and open it. Place the open jar on the floor in a place that’s open and lit near where you’ve seen her and where you can monitor it. Do this at night, after dinner while watching TV.

You can’t just leave the open jar there without watching it or you’ll get an infestation of mice. I’m talking about getting a single mouse friend, not a bunch.

So you’re sitting there watching TV and can see the open jar on the open spot on the floor. Do this until you see her. Once you see her talk softly to her. Tell her she’s a good girl and encourage her to be curious about the pb. Her nose will be going a mile a minute since mice have incredible olfactory capabilities.

Every little move or sudden sound you make is going to scare her at first so don’t move. You’ve got to let her know you’re not going to hurt her. In Mouseland, everything is bigger than you. Remember she’s a tiny little thing who has her survival to think about in this big world!

She might run at your voice. It’s ok, she’ll be back. This is where the patience comes in. Make sure you’re speaking facing her. You’ll see her little velveteen ears following your voice.

Once you get her used to your voice and hungry for the pb, you might let her hop on the open jar and take a bite. If not just let her explore it for a while.

Eventually you have to get up. Don’t worry about her running away. You’ll be seeing a lot of her back end in the beginning but now that her nose has smelled that pb, she will be back.

The next night take a small bit of pb and smear it on the floor and open the jar and place it on the floor to make a large smell of pb. If it’s carpeted take the top of a medicine bottle (CLEAN IT) and put a smear on that. Do NOT put chunks of pb down because they can choke on it. SMEAR IT thinly.

Go back to your chair and wait. Now this might take a few nights. Never leave the open jar out. Sit for an hour or so and then put the pb away. You’re just getting her used to the smell and more importantly, your voice. If you smeared it on the floor, it’s ok to leave it. The point is she’s learning that the pb comes from one spot only.

Eventually you’ll see her coming to that spot at different times looking for noms. Try to make one sound while she’s eating so she associates the sound with the pb. The importance of doing this every night cannot be understated. This is classical conditioning.

Keep allowing her to come out and lick that SAME SPOT.

About Wild Mice

Any movement will scare her. Remember, she’s wild. She’s never going to be domesticated. You won’t get to snuggle her and you probably won’t be able to touch her but you might get to feed her from your hand. If you don’t like animals you can’t hold then this isn’t for you although I’ve had a wild buck that would jump in my hand for pb that I could touch with a finger.

Mice have ok eyesight but even better hearing and smell. They also love human food, especially raw oats, popcorn, rice. Hell, they’ll eat the same meal as you do. My first female wild mouse would come out looking for some of my dinner and she’d come like a dog when I called her.

Each mouse is different. They have unique personalities and habits. Some are much more friendly than others. The one thing they do have in common is they’re very gentle creatures and very smart.

Mice measure distances and make maps in their head of where they live. They know every nook and cranny of their environment. They know your house better than you do.

In the next post, we’ll talk about how close you can get to her.


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