Coal Button Face

I met a baby pup who came in to check my place out. The little explorers have an entrance under my sink. This little one is very skittish. I heard her for a couple weeks before I got even one glimpse of her. She is careful about running along the corners of the walls unlike my other mice who would come out into the middle of the floor. Plus, she’s new and she has to figure me out which is the most fun time.

One night, as I sat comfortably at my desk typing away I saw a little flash of movement out of the left corner of my eye. I turned to look and I saw the tiniest baby girl hopping and scampering on the various boxes and storage bags next to the far wall. She’s definitely the tiniest pup I’ve ever seen and when she stood still I saw her face was black as coal. As I spoke to her she got excited and hopped up on the highest box to get a better look.

‘Well, helloooo little gel!’ I’d say in a British accent. ‘You are such a little gel!’

Her ears got wide and her expression was intense. Her shiny black eyes widened. She knew I was speaking to her. Next thing I know she’s on the table next to my desk and then on top of a stuffed animal on the radiator. She sat still on the stuffed animal and then decided she wanted to climb up a Chinese scroll that hangs next to my desk. She stretched herself and her big white belly arced out as she desperately tried to find a way to climb the 2.5 ft scroll. It’s made of thin strips of bamboo and has a 1/2 inch wooden scroll on the top and bottom. There’s no way she could climb the face of it but she did try. She found the right edge of the scroll as it sits about an inch away from the wall. She started climbing, her little muscled body carefully moving up the edge of the scroll. When she got to the top wooden rod she just sat up there looking down at me. She was 7 feet off the ground! I didn’t try taking her down. I wanted to see if she could get down on her own.

She went to the opposite edge and eased herself down like an inchworm and hopped back onto the stuffed animal. I congratulated her. ‘You’re such a good gel. Yay!’ I clapped at her achievement. She got so excited she did this routine again and again. Each time I’d give her encouragement.

She got bored of climbing the scroll and decided she wanted a closer look at me. Next thing I know she was sitting on my desk staring at me. She had climbed up a wire behind the desk. I spoke to her and she didn’t move. I was happy about this because once she gets used to me she’ll come out more and be more friendly.

I can’t imagine how her face got so dark. I’ve never seen a mouse that colour. I’ve seen reddish ones and grey ones but never a black-faced one. I haven’t named her yet but she reminds me of a little piece of coal. She has a small bend in her tail too.

I notice these characteristics of house mice because I try hard to tell them apart. I remember calling Peanut by the wrong name and him looking at me like ‘wtf?’ It was only when I got closer to him that I saw his sweet narrow face and big eyes. ‘Oh! It’s YOU Peanut!’

I love meeting new mice. Every time one disappears I get a new one. Unfortunately I haven’t seen Boogie at all. Once again, I must mourn another mouse. I get sad but I remember the fun memories and know I gave him a good life and treated him well. I think it’s easier to cope because I don’t really know if he’s dead or just moved on. The one mouse I miss the most is Little Girl. She’s always going to special because she was the first.


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