Lil Red

I’ve got a new baby to watch climb on everything in my apartment. I can’t tell if she’s a he or a she yet but I can say she’s got the most beautiful strawberry coat I’ve ever seen. I desperately want to call her a she because I haven’t had a girl mouse in a while. Males have huge testicles that seem to weigh them down to the floor but female mice have very cute behinds.

Lil Red is probably about 1 1/2 months old. I first noticed her scooting around on Boogie’s trails. She got real close to me, skittering and sniffing just below me while I sat on the bed cooing at her. Any sudden movement and she’d run under the fridge only to get curious again and in no time skittle right back out. She has a narrow face with huge eyes. She reminds me of a cartoon mouse, like something out of Beatrix Potter. She has long eyelashes that make me want to call her a girl. The only other mouse that had a narrow face like that was Peanut. He was a gorgeous mouse. I sometimes wonder if Lil Red’s his baby.

Lil Red loves to climb. She got onto the cable wire that stretches from the floor to the ceiling of my apartment. The problem is once she gets almost to the top there’s a shelf up there with my old suitcase sitting on it. The wire goes under the suitcase but there’s a small entry in the corner where the wall and the suitcase meet. I’ve seen her climb the wire, get to the suitcase and come spidering back down again. Last night she got even braver. She got to the top. I ran over to her, almost eye level, and told her to get down. She got angry and managed to claw her way behind the suitcase and into the narrow spot. I didn’t want her up there so I got my chair and put my arm up there and knocked the suitcase around a bit. I saw her climb back down the wire in record time. I then placed the suitcase flush against the wall and pushed it so that once she gets to the top of the wire she has nowhere to go but back down again. I taped the mid part of the wire to the wall so she can’t get up there anymore. After I did that she angrily eyed me from behind a box on the floor, put her tail in the air and ran home under the sink. Playtime on the wire=over.

My physical therapist knows I keep the wild mice as pets. When she came on Wednesday to clean my back I told her about Lil Red. In her thick Phillipino accent she said, ‘Those mice will chew you’re apartment up if they get angry.’ I understood that because I’ve seen them do it. Lil Red has already found something in the corner boxes to chew on. When they do that I spray air freshener in that corner so it smells strong and tastes horrible. Lil Red bounds out of there along the wall and pouts.

I love Lil Red. I know mice go through this stage where they’re on everything. She even climbed on my bed the first night I met her face to face. She got up there, I moved to look, and all I saw was a flash of red go over the edge of the bed. I’m pretty sure she’s come up while I’m sleeping. Little ones are just too curious for their own good.



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