Grey Baby Turns Into Boogie

Months ago I wrote a post about a young buck I named Grey Baby. Grey was one of Little Girl’s babies who would come in while she ate from my finger. You can read about his babyhood here. Now that I’ve put two and two together I now realize that Grey Baby is actually Boogie, only grown up.

Boogie must be about 6-7 months old now, as a guess. He’s full grown. He’s got a beautiful white whiskered chin. When he looks up at me I see it all white and fuzzy. When he takes a rolled oat in his mouth he’ll scamper away a foot and hunch over eating it. I tell him he looks like an old chinaman, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, especially his half-closed black eyes. He begs for oats but I gave him a piece of cheese last night. When I woke up it was gone as well as the few oats I sprinkled on the floor for him.

The people who read my other blog Mancheeze have seen Boogie’s picture but here it is for you all here:

Boogie aka Grey Baby

Boogie aka Grey Baby

I met a new mouse last night but I won’t write about him until later. I want to see if he comes back first. It might just be a passing visit but it sure was a visit I’ll never forget. If people think mice are stupid they’ve got another thing coming. Mice are mathematicians in their own right. They carefully map out spaces and trails.

Boogie has his own trails in my apartment. You can predict where he’s going to go. He has a trick we call ‘Sneakin’. If he’s begging for food under the table and gets a fright he runs to the corner along the wall and will pop his little head out from some boxes. I see him run off into the corner and I start asking him ‘Are you sneakin?’ He answers by popping his little head out from a box and then runs back behind the boxes. It’s a game.

Of all the things Boogie does I have one favourite. He jumps when he gets a fright in mid run. That’s usually called popcorning but in this case it’s pure fright. He’s like a little furry speedracer running at light speed when suddenly ‘boing!’ he jumps straight up, lands, and then has trouble getting purchase. I laugh at him when he does this. He doesn’t like when I laugh and sometimes won’t come back but it’s all in fun. He eventually peeks his little head out from under the table and saunters back for more oats.


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