Little Girl’s Passing

Little Girl, my first ever wild mouse that I cared for, passed away a few months ago. I am not sure but I think I found her body in my closet where she liked to go. I miss her very much. She was hilarious and had a personality all her own.

Mice are cautious but Little Girl got used to me very quickly. I met her while she was still in her popcorny stage. She loved to climb on everything. I trained her within a couple weeks to take food out of my hand and eventually she learned to come to me when I called her. Move over Pavlov! I bring you, Pavlov’s Mouse!

Remembering a mouse means you need to take care of the new ones that will come in her place. I did get one of her male babies hanging around in here while she was still alive but he never came to me then. After Little Girl passed he started wandering and sneaking into my dresser drawers next to my bed. I would open the top drawer really quickly and see his excited little body run to the back of the drawer. He’d sneak through the crack and drop down into the open space underneath and then skittle out, running so fast his little nails wouldn’t catch and he’d run in place.

I named him Boogie and he grew very fast, especially since I started feeding him but he hated peanut butter. Well, it wasn’t his favourite. I fed him Smartfood popcorn, which he loved and his favourite now is rolled oats. He has his own little dish that I fill when he comes to beg.

I’ve gotten up close and personal with Boogie as he lets me lie next to him while he eats. He’s not as friendly as Peanut was but he doesn’t run like Little Girl did at the slightest movement. I drink my tea next to him while his quick little jaws are chewing oats. He likes to eat when it’s dark in my room but will eat in the light if he’s hungry enough. He tolerates me.

If I make even the slightest noise with my fingers, such as rubbing two fingers together, he splits. He hates that sound. He does like to watch MASH reruns with me. Sometimes he turns away from me and toward the computer monitor while the show is on. I can tell he’s watching it because if there’s a sudden sound or movement his ears snap forward and his muscular little frame jumps.

I don’t know how well mice see or if they see in colour. I’d image they see in colour. Their best sense is hearing and smell. I always wonder where Boogie is looking because his eyes are jet black with irises that don’t move. When I watched the movie Stuart Little the animators placed his pupils at the top and they didn’t move much.

Boogie doesn’t spend much time in my room but he does come up on my bed when I’m sleeping. Now I’ve never caught him on the bed like I did his mother but he left me a surprise, a little tiny black poop.

Boogie’s been the best replacement mouse. After a mouse dies it’s important to get another one, at least for me. I’ll write more about Boogie in an upcoming post as well as his picture.


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