The Elusive Gray Baby

For the last couple weeks or so I’ve heard every ounce of scampering, chewing, gnawing, plastic bag scrunching, and every bit of noise a mouse can make without seeing it. Well, to be fair I do see the mouse. It’s gray baby on a mission.

Gray baby loves to hang out in my nightstand. It’s got a small open bookshelf on the bottom with one drawer at the top. Baby climbs into the bottom and hops up into the drawer. I open the drawer on her and it’s sort of a game now. She sits for a millisecond looking at me from the drawer and then hops down behind it and runs out the bottom of the nightstand. The joy is seeing her little bum waggling to get away while she slides on the lino floor.

She likes to watch me at the computer from safe locations. She’ll hide under the desk and if I move I hear her run away. She’s trying to be friends with me.

I gave her and Little Girl a new toy: a paper towel roll. I know they like to tunnel. I put a treat in there every night for one of them to find it. Last night I put a piece of Smartfood popcorn in there. The baby found it. I got to see her try to get back inside the wall holding the large piece of popcorn in her mouth. She ended up having to eat most of it on the floor before carrying it to her lair.

Little Girl and I have developed a new game. I put a piece of food down for her after I call her to me. I tell her ‘go get it!’ She puts her nose to the ground like a little vacuum cleaner and eventually finds it. I gave her a piece of omelette last night and she got so excited to have it in her mouth that she flipped it up in the air and lost it. It was so cute watching her trying to frantically find it.

I haven’t seen Peanut for a long time. I miss him terribly. It seems my place is just for Little Girl and one of her babies now. I do try to call him but he doesn’t come. He might be gone forever. My lovely Peanut.


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