Growing Up

One of Little Girl’s babies is growing up, yet she still popcorns. She’s a beautiful baby mouse. She’s got a bright gray coat and her eyes are very large. When she skitters about she holds her tail straight up in the air, like her Mum.

Tonight, while feeding her mum, she came up really close to me and popcorned from smelling the excitement of the pb. She snuck around beside me and put her little front paws on top of something I left on the floor. She sniffed at me and her little black eyes widened.

She holds her little back feet up in the air when she walks, like she’s walking on something she doesn’t like. I’ve seen Little Girl do this before too.

When I was done feeding her Mum she came to me again but Little Girl eventually chased her away.

She’s really attractive in her bright gray coat. It’s stunning actually. I’ve NEVER seen a house mouse that light colour. She’s not easily hidden because of it. I know who her father is. I’ve seen him. He’s gray as well but not as light as her.

I hope to feed the little baby soon.


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