Little Girl and Her Babies

Little Girl is a sexy mouse. She has a big grey buck for a mate and she’s happily making little mouse pups. I saw one of her little ones trying to slide under her and then suddenly flip upside down to get at her teats. Mom and Dad mice are very good to their pups. The need to go under their mom is instinctive. It’s called hovering. Little baby pups nestle under their moms like little chicks. They don’t always want milk. They just want to feel warm and close.

This little one followed Little Girl around everywhere. The baby had a taste of peanut butter from me too.  Now I have to start calling Little Girl a mum. So mum has a special way of telling her babies where to go and where not to go. I watched her do it last night. If her baby got too close to me she would run and slightly bump into the baby’s nose, sort of breaking the little one’s concentration and telling it to follow her.  Mum did this several times.

Unfortunately, the 2 little babies I saw were on everything. They climb everywhere.  When I woke up I found a baby crawling on my desk sniffing around. The babies are oblivious to me when I speak to them. They’re used to hearing my voice. It’s only when I move suddenly that they take off. If I thought Little Girl was fast, it’s nothing compared to how quickly they move. They’re also in their popcorning stage where they just jump up like popcorn for no reason.

I do have to let some of them go outside, especially the ones that go in my trash. I don’t have any traps for them or anything in my place that will harm them. However, if they are bent on getting into trash then it’s time for them to be released into the wild. One of the youngsters went into one of the bags. If a mouse goes into a bag and you even just touch the top of it, they will burrow down to the bottom. It’s a good strategy unless the the one trying to get you out is human and knows what your strategy is.

So I take a clear plastic bag and let the little one hop out into it.  Once I have them in there and they calm down I do take a moment to look at them and pet them through the bag. They calm when I hold them from underneath and rub their belly. I caught one last night and put it outside near the building. It will find its way back in I’m sure but not to my place. It’s the only thing I can do to keep it just me, Little Girl, and Peanut.

I don’t know how many babies Little Girl has had but I’ve only ever seen one or two. I only handfeed the ones that are willing to be handfed. I will feed a baby if it comes to me but otherwise my place is fully clean so there’s nothing in here they want. Let me tell you, when a mouse is in your house it will find ANYTHING that’s edible. My mice found some leftover sugar packets from the coffee shoppe and ate them. The one candy I had left on my desk a few months ago was bitten to bits. You must be completely clean. I only put paper in my trash bins that are on the floor. My other garbage is raised off the floor so they can’t get into it.

Being a house mouse Queen is a very careful task!


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