Little Girl Has a Man

She’s a picky mouse. She hates most males that come along. She’s super territorial and Mum belongs to her. I’ve wondered why I haven’t seen Peanut the last week or so. I found out tonight that Little Girl has a man. He’s very handsome too. He’s all grey. It might be Greybeard that I saw months ago but I’m not sure.

He smelled the pb I was feeding her and came down and poked his head through the tip of my sandal, following Little Girl’s normal path. What a distinguished gray face. He’s twice the size of her and very sleek. When he came out of the sandal toe he stopped about a foot in front of me, took a look in my eyes and darted off.

He wasn’t gone long. The smell of pb is too much to resist. He poked himself around the corner of the box and sat still. I called out to him:

‘You’re such a handsome boy.’

Then Little Girl appeared and put her head down low underneath his. She sat there with her eyes half-closed. I wondered if this was a kiss because at least she didn’t bite him like she does to all other male mice. It must be love.

I hope to feed him soon. He’s really skittish but boy is he ever handsome and we know who will rule that relationship!

Congratulations Little Girl!


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