Little Girl Meets Zee Germans

This wouldn’t be funny unless I give you some background. I’m Jewish so I tend to watch a lot of movies about WWII. Last night I was watching ‘Band of Brothers’ which was about the 101st Airborne paratroopers who were dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day.

It was about time for Little Girl’s second pb round. She was begging at her spot, sitting there looking like a furry little cuteness. So I got down on the floor to feed her and it just so happened that a battle scene was happening in the movie.

Poor little mouse thought she was being bombed and shot at by Zee Germans. She was running this way and that, avoiding sniper fire and bombs. I took one look at her and just broke out in the deepest laughter. I was down there on the floor holding my sides while this little mouse was dodging what she thought were real bullets.

The feeding didn’t last. I just couldn’t stop laughing. You know it’s a movie but she thinks it’s real. Poor thing looked like she was going to have a stroke.

Next time, no war movies when feeding a mouse.


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