Peanut’s Dilemma

I feel so bad for Peanut. He is constantly having to avoid the temper tantrums of Little Girl just originalto get a bit of pb from his Mum. He enters my apartment through a tiny crack under the sink cabinets. Little Girl, since becoming a peg leg, now waits for him to try and enter so she can chase him and bite him. I always know when Peanut is here because I hear the scurrying near the crack.

Last night I was holding Peanut in my hand and he sat up on his haunches to look and see if the coast was clear. He’s always monitoring for Little Girl’s whereabouts. It looked good to him so he took off, clear across the kitchen floor, his back end skidding out to make the corner into the crack. He misjudged. Little Girl was right there at that crack waiting for him.

As he sat in the middle of the floor I saw his little eyes go wide with a ‘what do I do now?’ look. So I called him back to my hand and he came running. Once safe in my hand I gave him a bit more pb. Little Girl wasn’t about to miss her chance to bite him so she came running around and under my bike to get behind him to do a sneak attack.

Peanut took off in the opposite direction and managed to get into the crack without a bite. Little Girl was furious. She started rattling her tail and making little threat displays. He totally outsmarted her.

Little Girl will have to wait till next time.


Little Girl=0


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