Fingernails, Apple Oatmeal and Little Girl

I’ve only ever fed my Little Girl pb until last night. Well, you see, I had a cut on the primary finger that I feed her with. I didn’t want her to eat from it so I used my middle finger on the same hand to give her some pb. Now I have long natural nails (except on my primary finger of my right hand) and I didn’t know how Little Girl would handle this new way of eating.Image

I put my hand down flat and wiggled my middle finger to let her know that’s where the pb was. She’s tried to nip my nails before. She bites down and thinks it might be a cracker. It’s cute when she nips and runs wildly away. Mice will always take a large piece of food to a safe space to eat. Only this time she ran away with nothing and she cocked her head as if to say ‘what?’ So I wiggled the middle finger and she went to the primary finger, darting back a few inches when she realized there was no pb on it. So I told her ‘this finger my Girl.’  Wiggle again. After a few wiggles she got it and started licking the pb from my long nail.

The embedded pb in my nail is carefully extracted by her bottom teeth. She gently scrapes them on my nail, sideways, and gets all the pb out. She doesn’t waste her food. What a good little mouse!

I usually eat Apple Cinnamon oatmeal at night for a snack with a bit of cream in it. I decided I’d try to give her some, switch up her diet. I put the cup of oatmeal down at her regular feeding spot. She poked her little head out of one of my sandals and came running right towards me. I quickly scooped up a tiny bit of oatmeal in my long nails. She sniffed and dove right in. Oh she loved it so much. When she got a piece of oatmeal she took off back up the sandal and into her little safe spot to eat it. Then she’d come running back, all excited to get more. I could see in her little black eyes, when she would be licking up the creamy oatmeal, the little lids of her eyes closing part-way to let me know she was so happy and content. I could even see her tiny eyelashes. It really is something to see excited little black eyes looking at you. It was also funny when she got a blob of cream stuck to her nose. She stood on her haunches and ran her paws over her whole head to clean it off.

Peanut hasn’t eaten oatmeal yet. He’s coming regularly, usually right when Little Girl is finishing her first feeding of pb. They don’t really fight anymore because Little Girl is too slow but they do popcorn around if she sneaks up behind him. Sometimes Peanut will stand on his haunches while he’s on my hand and they’ll land in my hand when they popcorn. Suddenly I feel this warm, furry body, go ‘boing!’ against my hand or my arm.

The other day, Little Girl popped her head out of the open closet and saw me sitting in my desk chair. I started talking to her and calling her and she came right up next to my chair and climbed up on an old stuffed animal. She sat there on her haunches with her two little relaxed paws under her chin sniffing me and summing me up. It was the first time I had seen her come so close to me while I was at my desk.

Sometimes I wonder if she climbs on me while I’m asleep!


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