PegLeg and the Baby Squeak-R

Little Girl is still hobbling around. She looks like an aristocrat the way she holds her head and tail high while she steps carefully . Her toes are now looking more normal and her thigh looks like it’s in place. I don’t think she broke anything. It was a muscle strain somewhere in her leg.


Tired Little Pups

I’ve named the new baby mouse ‘Squeak-R’ because he’s very talkative. Within 2 days he was eating pb from my finger. I’ve got to be careful how much pb I put on my finger because a couple times I saw he had trouble swallowing. I always put fresh water down for them too but because I get more visitors I need to replace the plastic medicine cap with something larger. I end up filling it 3 times a day.

Squeak-R is an emotional little guy. Yes, he’s a he. I can see the formation of his testicles. He’s growing like a weed. He is very interested in me and has even climbed on the bed looking for me. He closes his little eyes when he’s licking pb. He’s in a little state of ecstasy.

Last night Little Girl got into a brief argument with him. I was feeding her, which took me ages to do because she decided to play her little games, and Squeak-R smelled it and came up behind her. That was it. She took off after him as fast as her little pegleg would take her. It was no contest. By the time she got halfway across the floor he was already underneath the kitchen cabinet.

My apartment has become Little Girl’s hospital for now. She stays in the open closet, hidden at the back in the dark. She wakes up around midnight and I see her staring at me while I’m sitting at the computer, nose in full motion. I have to admit she still has quite the attitude as the Queen of the apartment but she has been knocked down a peg or two. I think she’ll still be territorial but she’s just not as effective now that her leg is buggered. I still see that troublesome gleam in her eyes. She won’t give up her Queendom easily.

My acquaintance on Youtube, CreekValleyCritters, explained to me I have quite the opportunity to observe wild mice and that I should document everything about them. CVC has mice too that s/he raises from infancy. I’ve watched all of CVC’s videos, sometimes more than once. S/he had a mouse named Stewart who was the most affectionate mouse I’ve ever seen. Stewart would sit for long periods of time while being stroked. His little red eyes would close and he’d fall asleep. S/he even had a boat for him. He had a little place he would sit on the boat while it would float on the water. What a great experience for a mouse!

CVC said I should videotape them and photograph them. I just don’t have the money to get a video camera. I would draw them but they don’t sit still for more than a second.

I am resigned to simply write about them.


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