Peanut Is Gone

Peanut hasn’t visited me in days. I miss his warmth on my hand and his baby-like smell. I don’t know what happened to him. There are many hazards for little house mice. They can get caught in sticky traps, killed by cats, or any number of things. Being so small means that everything bigger than you is dangerous.

I haven’t had time to mourn him properly because of new events in house mouse land.

I saw what I thought was a much younger mouse meandering around the door. Little Girl is so territorial that she fights with any mouse who dares cross into her space, which happens to be my apartment. She allowed this tiny mouse to sniff her nose and then she chased it all around the apartment, squeaking loudly for over an hour. I was on the phone with my best friend when this started and didn’t want to miss a thing. I hung up with her to watch them.

I got the show of a lifetime. What I thought was a baby mouse entering her territory was actually a male trying to mate with her. This is why there was so much squeaking. Poor girl wanted nothing to do with him. He’d get behind her, eager, and she would viciously turn and bite him. This went on for two days straight. I felt for the poor girl, never getting a moments peace. She didn’t even get to eat she was so preoccupied with him.

It settled down and things went back to normal. She was back to her usual sauntering around the apartment at night, running to and fro. I fed her her pb and she ate like an elephant. It was taking so long to feed her that I just put a huge dollop of pb on three fingers to cut down on the time. She thinks my fingernails are crackers and nips them and runs away as if she’s got the prize. She gets confused because I do feed her crackers with a smidge of pb on them from between my fingers. When she feels  my long nail under the pb she nips it and takes off. I have to reassure her that she didn’t hurt me and call her back. The last time she nipped my finger was an accident but she took it really hard. She backed away after she bit, stared for a moment, then ran under the fridge not to return till the next day. Now she is much more cautious around my fingers although she still has trouble with my fingernails.

One of the things she loves to do is scrape her bottom teeth along the base of my nails to get the last remaining pb. I praise her for it. I let her know she’s not hurting me. I say ‘That’s a good girl. What a good girl!’ and she proudly pads back to do it again. She’s never ever broken my skin. She really is a careful little mouse.

After her struggles with the male she quietly sat under the fridge, letting out a small wheezy ‘squeak!’ every so often. She stayed under there for a couple days only coming out at 3am to snatch some pb from me. She stares at me from her eating spot waiting for me to notice her. I look down and there she is, up on her hind legs sniffing the air. ‘Mummy’s coming!’ I say. She waits until she sees my leg approaching and then hops just around the corner, peeking out from behind it until I call her.

“Tcha tcha tcha tcha tcha!” She sticks her little nose barely around the corner, sniffing and cautiously approaches. She looks like spidermouse. Her whole body is flattened tightly to the floor as she sneaks up for the first lick. After her first lick she abandons caution. When I need to get more pb she runs around the corner and waits a few seconds and then runs back to my fingers. She’s a funny little thing.

I think she’s going to be a mom. If not now then at some point. Mouse babies are extremely tiny. Imagine the size of a penny. That’s how tiny they are when newborn.

I watched a video about mouse breeding. A guy was breeding 2 females to provide food for his snakes. The first female mouse had 16 babies and the other 12. I noticed that one litter of pups, when moved back to the original home, found the darkest spot underneath a little house he had put in the tank. He even said he’d feel bad feeding them to his snakes.

Knowing what I know about mice and their distinct personalities in the wild, I could never feed one to a snake even though I’ve had to when I worked at an exotic pet store. I actually like snakes but now I like mice even more.


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