Peanut’s Missing Now and Little Girl’s Back

So now Peanut is having a vacation and I don’t know if he’ll be back. He’s been gone for 2 days. So many other mice have visited for a few days and then disappeared. I hope he comes back because he’s quite a gentleman. He smells like a human baby, sourish. When he’s done eating I sniff my hands and I can smell his muskiness. I wash and sometimes it doesn’t totally come off. Mice are a tiny bit warmer than humans average temperature. Mice average at about 100-102 F. I love it when Peanut sits in my hand because he feels like a warm furry stone. His tail is usually cold and so is his tiny little feet but he warms up after a few minutes being in my hand.

I have seen Little Girl and she ate like a vampire tonight. I’m trying to get her used to my arm moving in and out of the pb jar. She gets afraid of that big movement and runs around the corner of the box sticking her nose around to see if my hand is firmly on the ground. So I time it now so that she’s pittering back and my hand comes down. She’s doing well with this new system.

She’s still up to her old tricks. She comes like a dog when I call her but then she plays little games by sniffing around the corner of the box and then running off for a few seconds. I sit on the cold drafty floor waiting for her highness to start licking. I wish I knew what she was thinking. Sometimes I get frustrated with her and put the pb lid back on and come back in an hour to call her to eat. By then she realizes she better put her butt in gear and stop with the silliness. I do indulge her silliness sometimes and let her run around 7 times before she approaches like she’s never seen me to eat.

Tonight I spoke really gently to her. I’m not usually so quiet because I see her only once a day. I tend to be loud while I speak motherese to her. ‘Oh you’re such a good gel! My goooood little gel!’ (I’ve picked up a British accent due to watching endless BBC period dramas for the last 3 weeks). Other things I say to her:

  • ‘C’mere you little sniggler!’ (when she’s playing hard to get)
  • ‘You’re such a niggle!’ (when she’s also playing hard to get)
  • ‘Come see mama!’ ‘Lemme see ya little face!’ (tells her to come into the open so I can see her)
  • ‘Don’t you rattle your tail at me!’ (she rattles her tail when she’s either annoyed or enthusiastic about pb)
  • ‘Come back here!’ (when she runs away behind the box making eating time much longer)
  • (whistles) ‘Come on Little Girl!’ (my usual call for her to come)
  • ‘You’re so fresh!’ (when she shows herself skittering around back and forth)
  • ‘What’re you doing down there?!’ (when I hear nibbling)
  • ‘What’re you nibblin?!’ (when she’s making a racket nibbling)
  • ‘Hel-lo Little Girl!’ (when she appears at the open toe of one of my shoes before eating)

I call her all sorts of things and usually loud and obnoxiously motherese. I sometimes take pity on her poor little sensitive ears and speak soft. She does like soft voice when she eats but sometimes she’s up to no good playing her games and I let her know I’m frustrated that she won’t stay put and eat.

I do think her best trick by far is her phantom trick. This is where she hides under something and I call out to her ‘Lemme see your little face.’ She will stick her little head out from underneath books, the fridge, and corners and wait for me to acknowledge her ‘I see you little one!’ She pulls her head back in like a turtle and then sticks it out again. It’s a cute little game but she only indulges me with it when her highness feels like it.Image

She’s growing up into a great little mouse. She’s still a runt and will always be. Her coat is fully adult now and she has a dark little stripe down her back to her bum. She does look like a homeless little girl with that crooked tail of hers that she puts high in the air when she splutters around the apartment. It looks like a little cup handle that tail. I dearly wish I could pet her and snuggle her on my shoulder but she’s wild. No amount of training will eliminate that. If I had gotten her younger than yes, maybe I could’ve put her in my shirt pocket near my heart and she would bond to my smell and sound. That’s how I bonded with a newborn Eastern Cottontail rabbit who actually looked like a little mouse.

I have considered putting a trail of pb up my arm for Peanut if he ever comes back. He’s still young enough he might try it. Once he gets on my shoulder and in my hair he might feel secure and snug up there. My friend wants me to get a pet mouse now instead of waiting. I think I will for Hanukkah. I get some extra money for the holidays in my pension. That’s what I’ll spend it on.


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