Little Girl is MIA

It’s been 2 days and I haven’t seen Little Girl. The last I saw of her was when she angrily chased Peanut back under the fridge. From there I don’t know where she went. There’s a bit of an open space under the sink cabinet and I believe that’s the entrance. They say a mouse can go through a hole the size of a pencil. I regularly hear them chewing in that area, probably widening the hole for their fat little bellies they now have thanks to me and pb.

She’s done a disappearing act before and each time I worry like crazy. I pine away, especially at night when she’s usually skittering around my place, sticking her little head out of various places so I’ll notice her.

I worry she may have been trapped. The manager of our building hands out sticky traps. I don’t even want to imagine her on one of those. There are cats in my building too. Midnight lives next door and while she’s old she’s probably caught quite a few mice in this building. I don’t think Little Girl is foolish. I think she can smell the cat and knows not to go next door.

I also worry that my mice are so used to me that they approach other humans. My mice don’t run in a blur while in my apartment. They pitter-patter and make themselves very visible. They even know how to beg. They’ll sit a few feet away from me and stare at me until I notice them.

Little Girl even climbs on things to get close to my face. I’ll be on the bed folding origami and see her looking up at me. I coo at her while she navigates to the highest and closest point. The other day she climbed on top of a teddy bear that was on the floor, got on her hind legs and just sniffed and stared at me. It was only then that I saw her little white patch on her chin.

I’m so anxious to see her. I can hear a mouse skittering around my place and I’ve called for her but I haven’t seen a single mouse tonight. Last night I fed Peanut with no distractions although something startled him that only he could know and quickly darted under the sink cabinet.

Little Girl

Little Girl

My friend suggested that Little Girl might be pregnant and that’s why she’s in hiding. I did see her with that big grey buck but I highly doubt that. Her scrawny little figure in no way looks full of pinkies. She does have an appetite like a horse but no, she’s not pregnant.

I hope she shows tonight. I got so desperate last night that I opened up the pb and put it in the middle of the floor to attract any mice in the area. Peanut was the only one I saw.


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