Little Girl v. Peanut

I sat ringside for tonight’s main event. Little Girl was late and I could hear some chewing but couldn’t figure out where she was.  I suppose this made Peanut get brave and come early for pb.

I tell them apart by face, tail and movement. Peanut’s face is more delicately v-shaped and his eyes are larger and brighter. He is larger than Little Girl but not by much. He’s a bit darker brown and doesn’t have a visible stripe down his back. His tail is shorter while Little Girl has a long tail with a crook at the end. She holds her tail high when she scurries around my room. Peanut’s movements are quick and jerky and he doesn’t swagger like she does.

It was all quiet when I looked down from my bed and saw Peanut sitting on the carpet looking up at me, waiting. I acknowledged him and he took off in a blur underneath some clothes. I was thinking tonight would be a good bonding moment between Peanut and I because we might have the whole feeding to ourselves without the constant challenges of Little Girl.

I started feeding Peanut and everything was going well for the first few minutes. His gentle little tongue lapping the crease of my palm while his svelte, warm body sat in my hand. I stroked his little tail between my fingers. It felt like a cold little satin cord.  I want him to be trained better than I trained Little Girl. The fact that he always eats by sitting in my hand and doesn’t mind the occasional stroke is testament to his curiosity and my patience. I was having such a tender moment with him until I saw Little Girl pitter-patter across the floor. She went under my bike and appeared out of the toe of one of my sandals. She stopped to assess the situation.

I was hoping she’d just sit in the corner and rattle tail without approaching him. My hope was fleeting.

The peace didn’t  last. Here she came, tail in the air and all puffed out. She did her usual sneak attacks that yielded nothing but extra time and bravado in between Peanut’s attempts at feeding. I am used to the circular chasing and the tail rattling . Peanut gets up on his hind end like a kangaroo, puts his ears up and forward, and charges her. They circle, Peanut jumps back into my hand, and the cycle begins all over again until he’s had enough and runs under the fridge not to be seen until the next night.

He miscalculated tonight. Instead of circling back around behind her he finally decided he’d square off with her. Oh, this was not a good idea. She was already raging because he got pb first. Her highness has to eat first and then everyone else second (that’s if she gives them a moment of peace). Little Girl accepted his challenge and mimicked him. The both of them were on their haunches. There was so much tail rattling it sounded like one continuous noise. Little Girl lost her patience and went right for his face. As he turned to run she bit him on the back and they both ran under the fridge and out of sight. I didn’t hear any squeaking.

Neither one showed up again tonight. I think they hurt each other seriously and Peanut may never come back again.

Little Girl=1; Peanut=0


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