The Adventures of House Mouse Queen

I wrote about having a ‘Mouse Carousel’ where each night a few new mice would show up along with Little Girl to lick some peanut butter off my hands.  Although I do have some regular customers I did get to see a handsome buck last night.

He stayed off to the side and watched Little Girl eat. He approached her, this big grey male who was so confident. She nuzzled him under the chin and then very studiously bit him. She repeated this practice about three times. I don’t know why she bit him but they both let out a shrill squeak!

Gray Buck

Gray Buck

Something else happened that night before the gray buck arrived. I decided to give Little Girl a piece of saltine cracker with her peanut butter. I stuck it to the tip of my finger. She ran up, grabbed the saltine and gave me what I can only describe as a purring squeak! Again, I don’t know what it means. She did it again with the next saltine. I wish I had someone who knows about mouse behaviour to explain this to me!

Peanut came last night too. He and Little Girl fight. She wants nothing to do with him and she lets him know by sitting in the corner loudly rattling her tail while he sits snug in my hand licking. She really doesn’t like him. She sneaks up behind him when I’m not looking and bites his tail. This inevitably causes them to scurry and fight so quickly they just look like one mass of fur bobbling all over the floor.

Peanut eventually hops back into my hand. Little Girl has to be stopped. I tell her ‘NO!’ and most of the time she scurries back into her corner, tail still rattling. Last night she got so angry that she bit me instead of Peanut. She was so determined to get to him she just bit anything near his tail and unfortunately, it was my finger. She didn’t break the skin but it gave me a start and I became angry. From then on I wagged my index finger at her when she approached and she ran away angry.

The big male came back during all this commotion and went right for Peanut. Peanut ran under the fridge and I didn’t see him again that night. The buck wanted no food. He may have been protecting Little Girl. Maybe they’re a couple?

Well, whatever their relationship Little Girl decided that she was hungry again and I let her eat until she was stuffed. She took off with the buck in tow.


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