Messing Around With Peanut: He Knows I’m Alive

I have something of a mouse carousel going on. Every night about 2-3 mice show up for food and they’re usually different mice. Peanut is a regular now. He’s the smallest mouse I feed and beat out Little Girl for the tiniest. Because he’s so young I figure I can train him to do more than Little Girl. I learned a lot from training Little Girl, including my mistakes, so I welcome the new knowledge to train the tiny baby.

Peanut is very aware of me. He is the only mouse that will look up into my face while he’s sitting in my hand lapping up the thin layer of peanut butter. Sometimes he gets frightened of my facial expression (usually a goofy motherly smile) and popcorns off my hand. Most of the time he’s a good mouse that, I believe, knows that I’m a ‘being’ who is caring for him.

He lets me pick him up a few inches off the floor when he’s eating although sometimes he’s skittish and jumps down. He always comes running right back to get in my hand even if he’s been scared. He is building trust with me. I really want to get him to sit on my shoulder and feel comfortable hanging out there. To do that I’m probably going to have to put food in a trail up my arm. I’ll be covered in peanut butter!

I’ve only been feeding him regularly for a few days so I’ll keep you posted on the training!



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