More Mouse Friends

Mice are so intelligent. My first mouse aka ‘little man’ is really a girl so now I call her ‘little girl’. For the last couple days she’s been arguing with another mouse, a male. I can now tell the difference between female and male. I can see the male’s testicles quite obviously on the new mouse which little girl clearly doesn’t have.

Tonight, while feeding little girl, she got into a couple scuffles. She will sit erect when she hears another mouse nearby and her ears will go wide.  If she catches a glimpse of the male, she chases him off. I’ve heard some loud squeaks tonight but nothing prepared me for what was going to happen next.

I know mice are intelligent but these are completely wild mice. They’ve not been hand-fed from infancy or even when they were eyes open and babies.  If you even look at these wild mice sideways, they take off and you can barely see anything but a wispy shadow trail.  Tonight, while little girl was licking peanut butter off my finger, the male approached. He did a little cautious zig-zag step and was soon licking peanut butter off my finger. The thing I noticed about him was his longer face and bigger body.  He licked my finger so gently, not nipping a single time. I think his name will have something relating to gentleness in it. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment.

I was ecstatic that I got to meet another mouse (a male) and see them interact together up close and personal. They did a few popcorny jumps and settled into licking my finger together.

It wasn’t over though. While the bigger, gentle male was licking another mouse approached from the side. This was one very curious but very anxious.  I think this mouse is another male. He was in a rush to get that peanut butter and nipped me hard a few times, not drawing blood. He squared off with the other male. They get very territorial, especially around food. Eventually, they both calmed down and realized the peanut butter wasn’t going to run out and their bellies were nice and full.

I don’t know which of them is going to be most curious about me. I have an opportunity now to with both of them to get them used to climbing on my body to get food. It seems the gentle male is the one who is more cuddly but we’ll see.

They all know to come when I call them if they’re hungry and when I can hear them running around I know they’re probably hungry and I can get down on the floor and feed them.

Just seeing little girl eating from my hand was enough to get two totally new mice comfortable enough to come to me.

I’m a very happy mouse mom.


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